What is the difference between Competitive Company
and Recreational dance programs?

After choosing a dance style for your child, the next step is to decide whether to enroll your child in a competitive or recreational class. Before making that decision, find out what their preferences are and weigh the pros and cons of each type of class.


All competitive companies are by audition only. There are several benefits to enrolling your child in a competitive company. Due to the increased number of hours per week of instruction, the dancer's skills improve at a faster rate. The dancer also is exposed to a variety of dance styles and has opportunities to work with different choreographers. These companies teach the dancer structure, discipline, respect and hard work. Competitive dancers also learn the importance of working as a team to achieve goals. Performing in front of an audience is also a key part of competitive dance. This provides opportunities to develop the child's confidence in his/her dance skills.

Once children are properly transitioned to competitive companies, they can learn the value of sportsmanship, and goal-setting. Competitions provide opportunities to learn and share techniques from other participants and companies. Competitive dance also instills dedication and a love for dance since they devote so much time practicing and improving.

Competitive dance does come with a higher financial and time commitment. If you are interested in auditioning for a company, please contact our front office for a detailed company packet. The packet will describe all fees and commitments that you will be obligated to follow.


In a recreational dance, children are not pressured to competitively perform. Here they will learn the fundamentals of dance in a relaxed atmosphere. Learning is enhanced when children enjoy the classes and have fun first before concerning themselves with achieving the goals of a dance competition.

Our combo classes are a good way to start out a dancer who wants to learn several different styles in one class. Combo classes consist of Jazz, Ballet, Tumbling, and Tap. The hour class will focus on two styles at a time, alternating every other week. Combo class participants will be required to purchase tap and ballet shoes.

If you would like your child to focus primarily on one style of dance, there are several classes to choose from. All the classes listed in our fall schedule with a (*) next to it are open to recreational dancers.

All recreational dancers will participate in our Spring Recital held in May every year. There is a $25.00 recital fee per dancer for participation. They will be required to purchase a costume. A $35.00 recital costume deposit will be due on February 1st each year. The remaining balance of each costume will be due on March 1st each year. If the costume is less than $35.00, the difference will be reimbursed. In addition to costumes, dancers will be required to purchase a pair of Body Wrappers Stirrup tights in Jazzy Tan, the proper shoes for their dance, and an accessory kit for $20.00. (This includes rhinestone earrings, hair accessories, and lipstick.)

If you are eager on enrolling your child in a competitive company, ask the dance instructor for the right time to transition from recreational to competitive. But before you do so, make sure that your child is prepared for the transition.
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