are the perfect "first dance class". These forty-five minute classes are specifically designed to introduce the fundamentals of dance, movement, and coordination. Here, the dancers will become familiar with four different styles of dance: jazz, ballet, tap, and tumbling. In these exciting classes, they will learn basic skills, build a foundation of technique, and use their imagination while exploring the creativity of dance. Dancers will participate in our spring recital.

Attire: Any style or color of leotard or dance apparel.

Shoes: Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

COMBO 5-7 AND 8-10

are one hour per week and are perfect for beginning dancers. Dancers will be grouped by age and ability level. These classes introduce the dancer to four different styles of dance while instilling confidence and technical ability. Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Tumbling will be introduced to the dancer by a rotating schedule of two styles per class. Combo class dancers will perform in our spring recital.

Attire: Any style or color of leotard or dance apparel.

Shoes: Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.


is the foundation of all dance forms. Dancers will learn the standard ballet technique and their corresponding French terminology. The focus in Ballet is to build strength, grace, flexibility, balance, and poise. Through barre and floor work, the dancer will build confidence while maintaining a disciplined class environment. As dancers progress, they are invited to begin Pointe at the appropriate time.

Attire: Black leotard and pink tights.

Shoes: Pink canvas ballet shoes.


emphasizes rhythmic movement with elements of ballet and modern. Here the student uses technical abilities while learning an exciting routine. Set to popular music, jazz ranges from contemporary styles all the way down to Broadway. Jazz teaches musicality while focusing on technique. Jazz is full of energy and lots of fun!

Attire: Fitted tank top or leotard with dance shorts or pants.

Shoes: Dance Paws or gore boots.


is the core class for jazz. This class is designed to condition the dancer so they can jump, leap and turn without injury. Endurance and strength exercises are implemented to build the muscles the dancers use. The dancer will perform skills in various patterns and combinations, while trying to improve each individual concept. Dancers will not perform in our Spring Recital.

Attire: Fitted top or leotard with dance shorts or pants.

Shoes: Paws or gore boots. NO SOCKS!


is the best way to learn rhythm and coordination while making a lot NOISE. Dancers were tap shoes while enjoying the freedom of movement in their legs, ankles and feet. Tap is a great place to explore new sounds with your feet and simply have a good time. Not only is this a timeless dance form, tap is pure fun!

Attire: Fitted dance apparel.

Shoes: Black tap shoes.


mixes funk and street dance to create a fun, up-beat environment. Freestyle movement is promoted while teaching coordination, agility, rhythm and strength. Dancers will be challenged to learn choreography quickly, yet also explore their own creative self by improving.

Attire: Loose clothing you can move in.

Shoes: White soled tennis shoes.


builds strength and flexibility while learning a variation of basic skills and tricks. This class is good for dancers because it teaches aerials and back-hand springs, which are frequently choreographed into their routines.

Attire: leotard or dance apparel of any color and style.

Shoes: Bare feet.

Aspire Choir

The "Aspire Choir" provides an additional opportunity for students to develop artistic excellence in voice and performance training through high quality singing instruction. It offers children the opportunity to study and perform a variety of genres of music, including traditional, pop, and broadway. We recognize the need for dancers to have vocal training in order to enhance their professional opportunities. Students will grow in music theory, proper voice technique, and outstanding performance skills. The choir is open to both girls and boys.
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